Welcome! My name is Danielle Lázaro, and I'm a UX Designer to the bone.


The work's spine

Here, you can access specialized services on demand and achieve visually stunning and strategically effective digital experiences that resonate with your users.
I also offer mentorship sessions to help emerging designers hone their skills and build successful careers in the field.



UX Motion



The skillset showcase

UI DEsign


UI DEsign | design system

Negócios Pela Terra

UX Design | end-to-end process

Focus Chemistries Tool


The anatomy of uniqueness

1. The Brain

We'll start by understanding the problem through reliable research methods. Let’s get fueled by data.

2. The Heart

To balance with logic, we dive deep in the user’s desires and frustrations, connecting on a visceral and meaningful level.

3. The Bones

Time to add some calcium and make a strong structure for the solution. Information Architecture does the trick.

4. The Skin

Here’s where a catchy appearance matters. Let’s incorporate some character and style to the surface.