UI Design



Onswell is a company from the United States which concentrates, in one single place, inspiring and significant experiences, perfectly matching its target users with destination, schedule, budget and goals, as desired. In this project, I was responsible for structuring the content through wireframes for both mobile and desktop, doing the research and selection for imagery, defining a style guide and refining the interface using the brand's previous styles, and then doing the final adjustments as demanded by the client.

I was involved with this project while working for Hackingbrands, in 2021. At that time, Rafael Queiroz (Product Designer), onboarded me on the general concepts that were determined for Onswell, since he was the person in charge of the UX research.

The whole idea was to start “materializing” what Onswell would look like, what behaviors it would have as a product, and what experiences we would propose to the users. And since the initial research and agreements were already done, my role was more of a hands-on approach to build Onswell.

It all started with a set of experiments my teammate did previously, specially to reach an agreement with our stakeholder. He passed it to me an initial set of visual guidelines to be followed, such as typography, colors, imagery style, iconography and some interface components. The challenge assigned to me was not limited to properly apply this small group of guidelines, but also expand them to afford the ideas explored on wireframes.

The UI Design of this project was fast-paced and highly collaborative. Figma was the main tool, so all my explorations were immediatly available for feedback, which Rafael coordinated with our stakeholder. Feedbacks were summarized directly in Figma, so I could be aware of them and take actions to iterate our process.

As in many of the projects we did at Hackingbrands, I explored my ideas for Onswell using a mobile-first approach. The definition of a grid and visual elements that could be modular and adapt well for small and large screens was a must.

On top of visuals, there was an UX wiritng aspect compounding this project. I had the chance to come up with proposals for titles, CTA’s and instructions. They should guide the user through a proper navigation, and at the same time set the voice tone Onswell had as part of the brand.

After two weeks of creating and refining the prototype with the feedbacks received, Onswell was ready to go for development, so we could test, refine and then iterate the product.

My journey with Hackingbrands came to an end before I could participate in user testing phase, but the mockups bellow are a small piece of the total work I have done along with Hackingbrands. It is a delightful digital path, so users can freely explore and plan experiences they want to have in the real world.

Click here to access Onswell webpage.